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Haven't done any of these for a while! Shame, I have at least 3-5 more characters to finish up!

Keys is going to be tricky. Partially cause I've *always* found his hair a challenge, though I love the style. But what's really going to kill me is reminding myself to make the bottom lines of his eye shape darker and heavier than the top. That's going to be important, it really helps define his character visually I think.

I'm not really sure how big of a part Keys will play in the comic anymore, but he is a more minor support character. Despite that, I really love him a bunch. He's just so... on the level I might say? he's not anyone special. He's not that smart or particularly talented or ambitious or special in any way. Save perhaps being a fricking junkie, but that makes him more pathetic than special. ^^; Not everyone can be a winner, and Keys is definitely not one of them. Which is probably part of why I'm so sympathetic to him. XD

Some better, more refined sketches of Sly. I feel like I've really got him pretty well pinned down now, yay! Jericho is almost there, he's still kinda bitchy. ><

Hopefully more soon. Actually, I'm really kind of itching to do something more complete and fully inked and colored soon, but at the same time brain is going "NO. Practice MOAAAAAR, you're not ready yet, slacker!"

Actually, I'm really going to have to rethink my coloring style anyway. That I fear, is going to end up being a bigger challenge than forcing my drawing style into change. XD;

Who's left? Ruek, Apollo, Eugene and Gabby.


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