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Been a while.. again. Figured i'd take it a little easier tonight to better recover from this cold, so I plopped in front of the TV and drew a bit.

Yay, no references! And still pretty happy with the results. Except the background, not really sure what's going on there. Or what they're doing for that matter. Not that it's important anyway for random sketching.

Bleah. This got close to how I wanted it to turn out. It's not a fluid or dynamic as I'd like, but I was also having issues with getting the pose to turn out right. Eeep. ILU, you evil bastard.

Anyway. I really ought to buckle down and work more on Schism. Though while drawing these I had a bit of a revelation on why Jericho's hair gives me so many issues when trying to draw it, so I'm probably gonna play with his hairstyle even *more* the really beat it into submission. Yeah, I'm being picky as all fuck with him since he is one of the most important characters in the story.

In thinking about the comic again, I've also re-realized how horribly, horribly I undervalued the importance of scripting the story out beforehand. While I have gotten plenty of compliments on the plot in Schism v.1, it really does show that I was basically playing improv connect-the-dots with the story. Had my big plot points, and then just freestyled it from one to the next. I can't do that again, it can get so messy so quick. Schism v.2's plot might end up being a lot more different from the original than I'd planned. But it feels good to have the story evolving like this. Makes it feel like a living thing again rather than a static, cold entity that I was just trying to plow through to get to the end.

Um.. more babble than I intended, sorry! Bedtime!


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