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Just some quick crap sketches, excuses to practice a little in putting people in actual environments/settings.

Random thoughts concerning art: When I started in college, I was somewhat annoyed because I felt I had to start all over again from the basics. Like the art classes in high school counted for nothing. I'm basically doing the exact same thing over, only this time it's by choice. It feels kinda weird, but also refreshing in a way. It's relaxing and interesting, and there's no real pressure to please or kick ass, except for my desire to improve.

These above were both drawn from photo references, and while I do think it's good I'm using a lot of references, I still kinda get a slight fear that I won't be able to just draw out of my head later on when I need to. But I suppose that's a bit of a silly thought. The more you're used to drawing from life, the more you know about how everything is laid out and formed in actuality, the easier it is to constructed it inside your head without a reference later on.

Man. I've got such a long way to go still. But hay, much like life, art's a journey too. XD

Been working some on scripting the overhaul of Schism too. Though as I started doing it, and as I think more about it, what I really ought to do first is do a rough outline for the entire story and determine what needs to happen/be done/get across with each chapter. Which will definitely help in getting the individual chapters scripted in detail easier. God, it's gonna be forever before I finally get it started again with all that and my determination to get my art skills back on track to make it supremely kickass. I'm definitely not going to rush the process though- Progress might be going slow, but the end result will be worth it I hope. :3


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