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Been far too long since I've drawn anything. >_0

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Still dunno if I'm satisfied with Jericho's hair. Really, I just need to learn how better to draw different hairstyles in a 'shorthand' way that actually has more variety.

I've also decided I just need to plaster my walls with the stacks of inkings/sketches/comic pages I have around, because looking through my old art really does motivate me. Not all of it's good, but a lot of it I see and really like and it makes me sad I don't do much of it anymore.

Still keeping my fingers crossed that the third place I sent my resume to will have an opening.
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This one's getting colored- I wanted am 'easy' pic to play around with that on. I even started coloring it! I retraced it to clean pencil linework for coloring which I've ditched because I like all my wayward sketchlines, started in on it, kinda liking where it's going...

Except I've realized just how much I need to alter my typical coloring style. Especially for hair. Since I'm drawing it radically different (Especially Sly's with the super short, blocky way I draw it now).

Though really, while I do/did like my usual coloring style... it's time to change that up too. Srsly. If anything, just so I can learn new ways of coloring things in rather than using the same techinques over and over and over again.

*wills next episode of Dexter to download faster* >C

Edit: OH MY GOD, I finally found a fricking brush in painter X that does (mostly) what the brushes I used to use constantly were SUPPOSED to do! (And which painter X ruined for me.) I'm saved! :DDD
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Jer's bitching at Sly about something. Your guess is as good as mine about what. XD It's similar to the last one, but whatever, I'm getting more and more positive about the reharshed comic each time I draw things like this. Which really means I should do it more often so that I might actually start on real pages sometime this century. Onward on the pathetically slow quest to restarting Schism!

Feeling a lot better now. The cough is still there, but it's definitely starting to fade off, thankfully. actually slept through the entire night last night yay! :D
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Been a while.. again. Figured i'd take it a little easier tonight to better recover from this cold, so I plopped in front of the TV and drew a bit.

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Anyway. I really ought to buckle down and work more on Schism. Though while drawing these I had a bit of a revelation on why Jericho's hair gives me so many issues when trying to draw it, so I'm probably gonna play with his hairstyle even *more* the really beat it into submission. Yeah, I'm being picky as all fuck with him since he is one of the most important characters in the story.

In thinking about the comic again, I've also re-realized how horribly, horribly I undervalued the importance of scripting the story out beforehand. While I have gotten plenty of compliments on the plot in Schism v.1, it really does show that I was basically playing improv connect-the-dots with the story. Had my big plot points, and then just freestyled it from one to the next. I can't do that again, it can get so messy so quick. Schism v.2's plot might end up being a lot more different from the original than I'd planned. But it feels good to have the story evolving like this. Makes it feel like a living thing again rather than a static, cold entity that I was just trying to plow through to get to the end.

Um.. more babble than I intended, sorry! Bedtime!


Oct. 28th, 2008 03:12 am
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I wanted Sly in there too, but then I drew in the background first and didn't want to have him blocking the entirety of it. This one might actually be worth getting off my ass to finish! (will it happen? Probably not soon.) It'll be easier to add Sly in through Painter anyway. Yay, photo references of subways.

Perspective is wonky. Will fix later if I finish it.

(has anyone noticed that pretty much every sketch I've posted since I got back rolling has started with an S? Probably not. It wasn't intentional at first, but figured I'd keep the trend going cause it amuses me.) XD
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^ Click thumbs for larger ones.

Just some quick crap sketches, excuses to practice a little in putting people in actual environments/settings.

Random thoughts concerning art: When I started in college, I was somewhat annoyed because I felt I had to start all over again from the basics. Like the art classes in high school counted for nothing. I'm basically doing the exact same thing over, only this time it's by choice. It feels kinda weird, but also refreshing in a way. It's relaxing and interesting, and there's no real pressure to please or kick ass, except for my desire to improve.

These above were both drawn from photo references, and while I do think it's good I'm using a lot of references, I still kinda get a slight fear that I won't be able to just draw out of my head later on when I need to. But I suppose that's a bit of a silly thought. The more you're used to drawing from life, the more you know about how everything is laid out and formed in actuality, the easier it is to constructed it inside your head without a reference later on.

Man. I've got such a long way to go still. But hay, much like life, art's a journey too. XD

Been working some on scripting the overhaul of Schism too. Though as I started doing it, and as I think more about it, what I really ought to do first is do a rough outline for the entire story and determine what needs to happen/be done/get across with each chapter. Which will definitely help in getting the individual chapters scripted in detail easier. God, it's gonna be forever before I finally get it started again with all that and my determination to get my art skills back on track to make it supremely kickass. I'm definitely not going to rush the process though- Progress might be going slow, but the end result will be worth it I hope. :3
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One of these might be worth finishing?

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I'm gonna start running our of words beginning with S to title all these soon. Hahaha~!

Today is my last day of my job. Notice how I am not there. (ie: I should be.)
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Haven't done any of these for a while! Shame, I have at least 3-5 more characters to finish up!

Keys! And more Sly. )

Hopefully more soon. Actually, I'm really kind of itching to do something more complete and fully inked and colored soon, but at the same time brain is going "NO. Practice MOAAAAAR, you're not ready yet, slacker!"

Actually, I'm really going to have to rethink my coloring style anyway. That I fear, is going to end up being a bigger challenge than forcing my drawing style into change. XD;

Who's left? Ruek, Apollo, Eugene and Gabby.


Aug. 12th, 2008 08:41 pm
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(This is Fautz's fault. He's brewing beer. Zombeer. A beer with a name like that needs a fricking awesome label, dangit!) XD


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